Launch of our new Professional Indemnity Portal

December 7, 2021

We are excited to announce that we are launching our new Professional Indemnity Portal

With effect from Monday 6th December our Professional Indemnity Broker Portal will have a new home, joining the GL Portal. Here a few things you need to know:
* Both Portals’ new portal web address will be
* You will be redirected from the previous portal web addresses to the new portal web address
* The login details you previously received for the GL Portal (your username is your email address) will now be your only login to get both your Professional Indemnity and Broadform Liability quotes

Brief overview of SIMILARITIES to the current PI Portal
Auto Quotes – a quote indication is generated once all Proposal details have been entered. A formal binding quote can be emailed and bound on-line
Referred Quotes – detail(s) need to be reviewed by an underwriter before a formal response can be provided. If the quote request is accepted, this appears as a Quoted status for you to obtain your quote You will receive a response within 24 hours on the next business day
Send Link to Client – a link is sent to the email address you enter for your client to receive The link is valid for 10 days and allows your client to review and/or change details in the contact details and proposal details screen
Binding Cover – Cover can be bound on-line and the Policy Documents are sent via email instantaneously

Brief overview of NEW FEATURES of the New PI & GL Portal

Contact Details screen – capability to define the required inception AND expiry date  
Quote Summary screen ability to add your Broker Fee (inclusive of GST) to enable you to see the Total Amount Payable for your client
Coming soon – the Broker Fee will be added to your Quote Schedule Alternative Limits and Excess for the Professional Indemnity (and Broadform Liability) Policy sections Broadform Liability section of combined policy
Resending Policy Documents – Go to Policies List, locate the required policy. In the Actions column is the option to Email Schedule or Email Certificate of Currency Select the document to be emailed Enter the email address the documents are to be sent to Pop-up Confirmation the email has been sent  

Don’t have a Portal Login?
Click Contact Us or email the following details to
– Your Full Name
– Brokerage Name & Branch (if relevant)
– Email Address
– Contact Phone Number 
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